will be completed with newer works

...and more newer works...


2014 - TRACES - images of what we leave behind


2013 - down to earth, landscapes


2012 - ceci n'est pas un pot


2011 - Fucking Up the Financial System: FUFS


2011 - upside-down busts


2009/10 - the 15 claims, or: the Art of Climate Change
high fired ice, unable to melt, frozen in time and meaning

extra: Jeroen explaining his art of climate change

nav grails

2008 - explore the grails. Porcelain works, made in 2008.
55 in total, celebrating each of the 55 years that I have been alive so far.

nav teapots

2006 - these Tpots I made for the "10 of the world's best teapotmakers" - exhibition held in Shanghai (China) that year.

nav plates

2011 - big plates, some reversed.


2011 - the Manhattan Series
a set of 10 porcelain vases,
made in the year when more than 50% of the world's population lived in cities...

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