Series "Fucking Up the Financial System"

FUFS 1 - 1

FUFS 1 - 2

FUFS 1 - 3

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FUFS 1 - 4

FUFS 1 - 5 (sold)

FUFS 2 - 1

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FUFS 2 - 2 (sold)

FUFS 3 - 1

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FUFS 3- 2

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FUFS3-3 (sold)

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FUFS... Fucking Up the Financial System.

Piggy-banks riding up a gold construction.

The results of our savings, working and pensions are in the hands of super-high-paid professionals whose guesses are as valid as the average monkey.

Governments -ministers and advisors- run
from day to day, only concerned about elections, no long-term vision and deals made to ensure the voter's support...
The stupid voter has no choice.

Markets in turmoil, emotions riding high and
investors play the global casino.
Place your bets, gentlemen, faites vos yeux...

Rien ne vas plus.


upside-down Busts to be used as Vases and 3 bowls

Vladimir Ilyich - roses (sold)

Vladimir Ilyich Janushead sold


Vladimir Ilyich - Geom Vases

Friedrich - roses

Vladimir Ilyich - bloom
(2 versions - one sold)


Vladimir Ilyich - floral Vases

big porcelain bowl 2011 (sold)

big porcelain bowls 2011


Series: "A Meaningless Bust

with Significant Gold Line"

explanation "Fucking Up the Financial System" (FUFS)

FUFS was made during the symposium "Porcelain Another Way" (Poland, 2011)

This series is inspired by the
Culture of Greed in which we now seem to live.

White, pristine piggy-banks 'ride-up' against a gold-lustered pile, telling the story about how banks and governments are screwing up the financial system.







the other works made during that symposium


There are the upside-down versions of some busts of the inventors of communism.

Amazing to see how all changes, when you turn an iconic image upside down.
These were the faces people were afraid for, for nearly a century. The stern visages that were placed in every official building, on every street corner, and in lots of people's homes.

Upside down they turn into something quite harmless: these images now can contain flowers...


FUFS: no return on your investment

Coins put in these porcelain piggy-banks are lost forever: you cannot get it out without losing even more money... There goes your investment, never to be seen again, or to be retrieved at great cost of destroying the art piece itself.

Porcelain pigs riding up against a feeble gold construction.

The pigs are piggy-banks: a cut in the back is where you can ‘deposit’ your savings that will be lost foreverā€¦

You will never be able to retrieve the coins you so diligently put away, as the cost of getting them out will be considerably higher than the value of the savingsā€¦


the meaning

A pile of meaning in one image, all dealing with the turmoil our world is now in.

Caused by relentless greed that increased into oblivion, up in the eighties and nineties of the last Century.

We know the result: a major dip in the economy, loss of jobs, whole nations in debt.

The greed was (and still is) everywhere.

Not only banks and financial hotshots are to blame, governments happy like children and encouraged by moneylenders, spend more than wise and never thought about a tomorrow.

But tomorrow is here and now we suffer.

The ‘common good voter’ suffers, the ‘man in the street’ as they lose their job, their house their pension.



Fragile gold structures shagged

Absurd, no: perverse ‘earnings’ for CEO’s that fire thousands, so the stock-market will be happy.

Of course the financial markets are to blame and Jeroen Bechtold put all these findings in one little porcelain piece: a pig that abuses a feeble gold construction for its own pleasure.

No care about the fragility, all may tumble down, it is just the personal pleasure that counts.








A protest, but has it any meaning?

A humble protest indeed, and executed in a beautiful, fragile material.

Porcelain is this material that historically catered to the wealthy, and the wealthy only.

Jeroen: “When you see that I did 2 exhibitions with it and we wrote to each and every newspaper/TV station in the country. Not one responded, not one even mentioned it in their listings.
The works are here in my Amsterdam gallery, in the window, and you cannot believe how many photos are taken each and every day by passers-by.
People like it, but apparently it is one bridge too far to publish it in a newspaper?”