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glacier - a wave of celadon



coast - imagining the sea


a blue reflexion #1

a Blue Reflexion #1



a Blue Reflexion #2



a Blue Reflexion #3







3 - 24 September 2013 --- the International Ceramics symposium DOWN TO EARTH - LANDSCAPES IN CERAMIC
I was there to 'lead the symposium' together with Craig Underhill (UK). Funny was that none of the participants expected anything of us, other than that we would 'do our own thing', so they could do their own thing.
Most happy with that arrangement, I started to do my infamous 'boom-kiln' (as it was named here), a kiln where the porcelain is forced to explode, usually in a controlled way. Within less than 2 weeks all the works were ready, had been fired and had to be fired once more to obtain the results I was aiming for. So, I had 2 more weeks to fiddle a bit, make good pictures and enjoy my time in Hungary.


these works are not for sale.
They were all accepted and now in the collection of ICS, International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary.


here is the movie of the works: ---------------------- ---- Or take some time to see the complete video diary (56minutes!)


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