poster 2002

The artwork (both porcelain and  graphic design)
is by Jeroen

only a few were made...


looks: glossy photoprint



poster manhattan

this poster also comes printed on normal paper
(41 x 60cm)

But only available in my gallery (I will not send it)

poster manhattan liggend

Manhattan horizontal  (75x50 cm)

only a few were made.

poster imagined landscapes

imagined  (50x75cm)

a row of eggshell-thin porcelain towers, each one made with an individual technique and different looks.
What they have in common is that they were fired to the max.

The deformed towers represent our cities, the fragility of the lives we lead and the fragility of where we feel safe...


poster 'fucktheworld'


background of this poster is a jaildoor with the text:

the fragile, inlay-eggshell towers represent the way we build: higher and higher, taking more risk because of a few megalomaniacs in control. The 'buildings' are slightly deformed, as if on the verge of collapse and in high contrast with the courseness of background.

maybe intersting detail: in the reflexion, the background is superimposed over the porcelains................