rosenthal balance

Rosenthal production 1980-1985

vase for roses flora

FLORA production 1987-1991


Staffel, Germany 1990 (produced, but never in production)

water kettle
HWA SUNG (Korea) never produced


sri lanka

Dankutowa (Sri Lanka) never produced

1980, a year before graduation, Jeroen was accepted as an apprentice at Rosenthal’s in Selb, Germany.

He stayed on to work there -as a free lance designer- for the next five years.

During this period several designs (for plates, vases, as well as two designs for glass) were taken into production, a great honor/opportunity for a young ceramist.

“Designing for industry is like painting with a huge brush, your ideas pass you by in their thousands on a trolley… That’s brilliant!

Making multiples in my own studio is fun, but takes a lot of energy at the expense of creativity. My preference is: unique pieces. I can pour my story and all of my emotions in those pieces. It then also takes only one person who is able to read my piece, it takes only one to understand”.

Working for Rosenthal lasts 5 years.

From 1987 until 1991 he produces some 60 designs for the Dutch factory Flora. “A lovely time with lots of possibilities”.

After that there were some attempts to have designs in production, but never successfull. "Ah well, you do need a bit of luck, sometimes you are lucky, most of the times not... it is life, yep?"

... sho ga nai ...

Made for Kristoff in Waldbrych, Poland.

They did not like it, I guess, as I never got any response to this mini-movie. No thank you, no 'no thank you'...


Nice enough design though...

a design for an icecream-cup. One sliding piece of porcelain, displaying the icecream in a most beautiful way.

Pay attention to the last few seconds!

----- total 52 seconds long


balance chosen

see the Rosenthal celebration-booklet online. click here