In 1979 I did my apprentiship at Rosenthal in Germany.

It was only 4 weeks, but 4 good weeks.
In that period I made the design for what would
become my first vase in production.

....still at artschool.... ;-)

name: Balance
produced from 1980 until aprox. 1985

rosenthal 1980

Balance - 1980

rosenthal 1981

rosenthal 1981

In the 5 years that followed,
5 of my designs came into production.

left series "Quadratur"
above plate "Folio"
(both 1981)


rosenthal 1982

POM (glass) 1982

scan from the packaging box of the object

rosenthal 1983

Salto - 1983

page from the Rosenthal booklet

I stopped working for Rosenthal in 1985.








In 2012, however, my design was chosen the best design the factory produced in 1980 and re-issued.

This was at "50 years Rosenthal Studio Line"


see the Rosenthal celebration-booklet online. click here





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