Humans construct new landscapes.b
Packaging and boxed individuals: 6 to the right, 6 to the left, 30 high.

In highly translucent porcelain: 4 in the middle, 3 on each side. 
I chant of dis-uniformity: deformed porcelain, revealing individual insides...


size: approx. 45-50 cm high, 12 pieces.



 the pics are hazy. digital photography in its early days.

At the time I thought it great... yep.

Jeroen Bechtold, 2000: (partly made in Ceramic Workcentre Skaelskor,

Denmark, partly in Amsterdam)


invitation for my soloshow in the Grimmerhus Museum, Denmark 18 june - 18 july 2000 (my first digitally produced invitation)


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