porcelain, inside: platinum lustre, multi-fired, multi glazed

hight: approx. 42cm, wide: 53cm

subtitle: the Belgian Wet Dream


Lots of brickwork, on the verge of collapsing... big shiny velvet-like drapery and neo classical icons...
Hidden in the dark are 2 childrens' heads, looking out.

This object was made when I heard the first rumours something was very wrong in our neighbouring country. Rumours of a not functioning police had been long around, but this time it was something different.



One of the fathers of (as we found later) a Dutroux-victim, came into my shop and asked if I would hang a poster for 2 missing children.

He was hanging posters all over everywhere, as he was desperate and the police did not take him seriously...

I didn't want such a poster in my gallery, but helped hang a few posters in our street.


Somehow, not much later, I must have felt this was more than a bad feeling, as I made the 91st reconstruction the way I did.
I never ever, before or after, put children's heads in a work, but here I did. Why?
I felt quite uncomfortable with my action, but left it just how I made it, in spite of my fear of making kitsch.


It was years later that I had to explain this piece to a journalist, that I realized it had to do with the child-molester and the way the police never did their work properly...


and the world turns.





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