2006 is the year where I was invited to come to Shanghai for an exhibition of 
"10 of the best teapotmakers in the world"
Quite an honour.
I made a series of teapots for that exhibition that was held in Zhujiajiao Town.


This is one of the teapots that went on exhibition in Shanghai
I designed the teapot in CAD/CAM in 1998 (software called DeskArtes)
(if you follow the link, do click 'CASE STUDIES' and then: Jeroen Bechtold. There you see some more of my designs. Link: DeskArtes)
That was when I was artist-in-residence at the School of Art at ANU in Canberra, Australia.
The pot was "printed" twice: one went to the School of Art's collection, the other one to the big exhibition of  the 2nd World Ceramic Biennale 2001 in Korea where it was the only non-ceramic teapot in the show.
When I came home, I had the pot "printed" twice again: one for my own collection, and one for my major sponsor: Somatech in Ede (NL).
Because of a "teapot-symposium" in Czech Republic in 2005, I had the pot enlarged by 20%, 'prototyped' again, made a mould from the model and made 3 sets of pot and 2 cups. 

One stayed in the collection of Thun, the factory that organized the symposium, the other 2 are for sale in my gallery...


here, below you see a photo-impression of some of the pots I made in 2006.
Of course all pots are unique -only one exists with a certain glaze or decor, 

Of course each teapot is signed and dated

if interested, do check out the TEAPOTS pages on my website

In total, 5 teapots 'flew to' Shanghai and were exhibited in Zhuziaziao, a satelite city of the huge metropolis.

They later became part of the collection of Noble Seafood Restaurants in shanghai...




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