The originals of Jeroen Bechtold's Yixing works started their lives as virtual teapots,
only meant to live as pictures or as a 3D-image in cyberspace.
Thanks to the help of Chinese Masterpotter Gu Wei Fen these pots became reality.
She made them.

Later Jeroen was asked to design some more pots for Yixing.
These pots too, started their lives in a computer
But the drawings and renderings were sent to China.
A very limited amount of the actual pots came back to the Netherlands...
Only a few were made. They are immaculate, rare and thus expensive...


Jeroen Bechtold  Yixing Series  1997


Signed by stamps, incl. designstamp  

see for much more info on CIRCLE teapot

see for much more info on CIRCLE teapot

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