1996 -- virtual ceramics

These were the years of exploring the new world in the computer.
I thought that ceramics was no exception
As a part of our world, ceramics would be affected by the world to come, the world we now see as normal...
Only 20-odd years ago, that was not so obvious........
Hereunder some of the works that were regarded as quite shocking in those days


Mind you: the comments on this page were written in 1998 or so. Still the time where one had to explain what virtual was and what you can do with computers. For me it was FUN, bewilderment, lots of work and above all: play


Working with Virtual Clay® has some
big advantages over real clay.

It is possible to make any shape
or size you want, your imagination is the only limit.
You can work quickly and change smaller or
larger parts easily.

You can share your work with anyone instantly
and you do not have to fire the product…




Is there a point to Virtual Clay®?

after all one can't drink from a virtual cup

then remember that most cups
we produce are not for use

'use' = enjoy 







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