1994-'96 -- virtual ceramics
These were the years of exploring the new world in the computer.
I thought that ceramics was no exception
as part of our world, ceramics would be affected by the world to come, the world we now see as normal...
Only 20-odd years ago, that was not so obvious.........

Hereunder some of the works that were regarded as quite shocking in those days


I am quite aware that I became somewhat 'poetic' in the descriptions of the pics below. The great thing was, that suddenly I was freed from the limitations of the physical world and had entered a world hardly anyone had experienced. So, even now in 2013, I think the descriptions could be a tad less-so, I kept the text, as it describes my bewilderment of that time.

I do hope you will be able to forgive my frivolity :-)

tea is served

must be afternoon

outside the sky is blue

inside shadows shine




memories of family


reflections of what was


an empty room


mud becomes dinnerware

fragile and yet so strong

noblest of utilities


compact living

designs for compact living

when logged in,
heads in screen

then with space be mean

we do not need  those big houses


let the cups dance

a happy pierrette

in courtly manner

fade to grey

so all your manners may



craft is thought materialized

hands making dreams come true

in our age of information

its not your hands

but those thoughts of you


balancing on one point

defying gravity

pelican spout






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