During the symposium "Porcelain Another Way" in Walbrzych, Poland in 2012, I put 2 huge rolls of the most beautiful, pristine material in a cement-mixer...

Tried to achieve total abstraction: work made by me, but with as little interference as possible.

The result: 2 objects that have no meaning other than 'itself'.

They currently travel through Poland on a series of exhibitions, just like the previous happenings.

(a.o. Muzeum Walbrzych, Glass&Ceramics Gallery, Wroclaw)

link: photolog on "Porcelain Another Way" 2012. On this page you can also watch the works done in previous years...

camera: Ryan LaBar, Jeroen Bechtold

stills: Grzegorz Stadnik

editing: Jeroen Bechtold

Thanks to:
Monika Patuszinska, Ola Dobrowolska,
Lapp Insulators, Travis SP

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