The '15 Claims' spell out the madness of humankind. Not in words, but in an image.

Images can be so much stronger than words, but you need to open yourself up to see, hear, feel.

My high-fired icebergs are frozen in time, unable to melt and they are here for eternity, however long or short that eternity may turn out to be...

Works expressing the madness of countries laying claims on icy regions, waiting for the ice to melt so vast profits can be made, the madness of future wars over these claims...

The subtitle (the Art of Climate Change) indicates my concern, that multimillions will have to relocate when water-levels rise and there is no place for these multimillions to relocate to.

I think it is an obligation I have as an artist to be aware, make and share."

a 20 min. movie of rotating porcelain icebergs, with mesmerizing soundtrack, kindly donated by MOBY for this project



about the CLAIMS

2009:"Porselein" Gallery Montana, Apeldoorn (NL)
2009: "Antarctica", St Joseph Gallery, Leeuwarden (NL)
2011: "15 Claims", AVID GALLERY, Wellington, New Zealand.
2011: "Keramisto Extended 3" Museum Petershuis in Gennep (NL)
2012: "Porselein" exhibition at Kunstgroep Wassenaar (NL)

2012: Ceramics Art&Perception no 90 --- Porcelainising dreams article by Paula Kouwenhoven page 94-97

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