bannerPiggiebanks ride up against unstable gold-structures.
Symbol of the 'Culture-Of-Greed' that describes the last part of the 20th Century. Unprecedented growth was accompanied by unprecedented greed: social structures were abolished, people dismissed and money was the only king. Now, in the aftermath of this all, money still is the only king and common folk pay...


Film: Bram Langmans. Music: Bram Langmans & Pieter Boeykens
Collaboration between 2 artists with the help of a third:
Jeroen Bechtold made the porcelain pigs (piggybanks) riding up the feeble gold construction.

Bram Langmans made the movie and together with Pieter Boeykens they made the mesmerizing sound track that completes this comment on limitless greed, anti-social behaviour and egoism that makes our economy weak and still... makes the world go round.



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