This is a 'video-diary' of my time in Kecskemët, Hungary at ICS International Ceramic Studio, where I was invited to come and do the symposium 'Down to Earth', together with Craig Underhill from the UK.
It was another good experience. Swell place, good people and great works as a result.

The movie is quite long and includes impressions of Kecskemët and Budapest where I went for 3 days, once the work was almost done. You can see I really love Budapest -- amazing city.

The main 'dish', of course is the process and the work I ended up with.
All the works were accepted in the collection of ICS, of which I am quite proud.

There also is a tiny bit of footage of really the worst classical concert I ever witnessed. It was in St Peters Basilica and the quality of the (not really cheap) concert was appalling due to echo. Such unprofessionalism was quite unexpected.
you will be able to see.

All footage, photos and film, done with the tiny Sony RX100 pocket-camera.
The pictures this camera takes are amazing and allow 'alotto' zooming-in, even on HD... HD filming is equally good, as you can see...

The music used comes from the Royalty Free sites:

Free Stock Music
and Incompetech
A lot of thanks to the people who make it possible to show a video on YouTube without any hassle!

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