The XXXV International Symposium
"Porcelain Another Way"
5 -30 September.



film: interviews with the participating artists on their work, the symposium and some general thoughts....

exhibitions: 30 Sep - 31 Oct 2011 Walbrzych Museum.

February 2012, The Glass & Ceramics Gallery in Wrocław

List of participants- XXXV ICS "Porcelain Another Way":
Jeroen Bechtold
Ray Chen
Piotr Fladro
Ryan Fletcher
Michael Flynn
Alicja Patanowska
Monika Patuszynska
Danijela Pivasevic-Tenner
Yasuko Sakurai
Chris Vicini
Malgorzata Et Ber Warlikowska
Anna Malicka Zamorska



camera: Lucille Nobleza, editing: Jeroen Bechtold, music: '3pärt', mix by Jeroen Bechtold

Thanks to Monika Patuszynska for the organization

Special thanks to: Okreg wroclawski ZPAP, Porcelana Krzysztof, FP "Wałbrzych" S.A. and LAPP Insulators for facilitating this event.

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