the MILLENNIUM-movie.

I made this film for the big Ceramic Millennium'99 conference in Amsterdam, 1999.
The movie depicts sort of 2000 years of ceramics and the future (I was still quite busy making 'ceramics for the internet in those days): flying cups.
This movie started each day of the conference and ended it as well.




(the flying cups-part, I made, using MAX-3D)
(Music composed and produced by Tako Postma +)




"Introducing Jeroen Bechtold"

2:55 minutes.


A small 'movie', made for introductions at the Aberystwyth-festival in Wales (UK) 2003.
All the demonstrators were asked to show 5 min slides of their work so participants could choose which demo to see.

My introduction was less than the 5 minutes, but the impact was big...


2013, I made a new version of this. "32 years shuffled"

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7:09 minutes





The teapotmovie was made for the show: "10 of the best teapotmakers", Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China, 2006

It shows ALL the teapots I made up to that moment.

One year later a series of pig-T-pots would follow, but they are not included in this movie, of course.

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