update 10 october2015------------------------------------------------------------

05 - 13 dec 2015 Biennale at 'Kunststichting Perspektief vzw' artksp.be

Haacht, Belgium


update 05 september2015------------------------------------------------------------

AAF: the Affordable Art Fair 2015 Amsterdam. Oct 29 to Nov. 1, 2015
My work is there in the NABK stand.


update 05 september2014------------------------------------------------------------

exhibition at the city museum of the Hague (Gemeente Museum Den Haag): "Klei!" (one century ceramics at the Rietveld Academy)

November 8 2014 - April 12 2015

I take part in this exhibit with: teapot @home, 2005


update 01 June2014------------------------------------------------------------

Added a bit of text, looking back with hindsight on "word vs. image". It is my personal experience from the 80's: about talking about your own art. tallking about work


update 12 January 2014------------------------------------------------------------

One sketch of one of my teapots was printed at Keramikos (ceramic tools/materials supplier) yesterday. The design was done using Deskartes CAD/CAM software, whith which I have been playing for the last 20 years or so now. I have been a troublemaker for them in the early days, and I still think it is one of the more intuitive CAD systems available. Fun to work with...
This is a sketch, and it needs (and will be) fiddled with in the coming days. Then we will print it again. But now I really am happy to share the outcome. It is so rewarding to see it in 'real'.

3d print design Jeroen Bechtold


update 31 October 2013------------------------------------------------------------

new house styletoday end of 'renovating' the looks of my place in Amsterdam. Most happy with the revamp.


The 'Works'-theme is repeated in the showroom and it will be my logo from now on.
No more 'ceramics' or 'porcelain', as it is becoming less and less important, now that my work develops further and further away from pottery/ceramics. Albeit that porcelain is -and will be- the material I love to work in, more than that: I love the material (when it is fired and complete).
No material better suited for me to make my art in.
Nothing is going to change that.


See more (and bigger) pictures on my facebookpage

update 30 Aug. 2013-----------------------------------------------------------------

3 - 24 September 2013 I will be at the International Ceramics symposium DOWN TO EARTH - LANDSCAPES IN CERAMIC in Kecskemét, Hungary. Not sure, but I think I will put pics and such on my facebookpage.

(31-10-2013) Now good detailed pictures of the works on this website: click here



update 13 November 2012---------------------------------------------------------------

art and perception

just was informed that my Manhattan Series

made it on the cover of

Ceramics Art &Perception No 90 (winter 2012)

read/see the article










update 26 October 2012---------------------------------------------------------------

just added 2 videos of my works to YouTube

On one of the works I did in Poland: Augmented Abstraction

A design I did for the Polish factory Kristoff: The Ice Cup, short: TIC


update 3 Aug 2011 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

I know it is old news, but I am still quite proud that in 2011 my old design was chosen "the best design for 1980"