Early 2008, invited to come to Australia once more to teach.
Canberra for me, is one of the favourite places on earth. Mind you, the city is boring, but the campus of the ANU (Australian Nat'l University) is superb.

The artschool is sort of home from home for me. Been there 4 times now, and never mind coming back.
Great colleagues such as Janet Deboos, Gail Nichols and Greg Daly.
On walking distance from "my flat" at the artschool there is the Botanical Gardens... Jeezzz... a magic place...
Teaching "Distance Course" at ANU is always a pleasure. 9 days of intensive workshopping.

Then Greg Daly took me to his place for a few days. Greg's wife Catherine, runs a sort of refuge for kangaroos of all kinds, so I found myself bottle-feeding a wollaroo... highlight, highlight! As was the great river-canooing-trip with Greg.

Then I was 'handed over' to Janet who took me to her place and then she, her husband Michael and I went to Tania, a swell place at the south coast.

We stayed with Bob Counahan and Veronica O’Leary, who had a great B&B with valley/seaviews and large decks where smoking was even more of a pleasure than usually...
Swimming, high waves, empty beaches and super weather... And that in January (winter in Holland).

After that, bus to Sydney where I stayed with Maddy and Bonney Ghosh. Maddy is an 'old' student of mine and we had a great time in her house on the harbour in Sydney.