"European Ceramic Context 2006"
a workshop on ceramics and digital technology.

Arthur Steijn (Denmark), Tim Nøhr Elkær (Denmark), Flemming Tvede (Denmark), Anders Beier (Denmark), Christina Skovmose (Denmark), Jeroen Bechtold (The Netherlands) and Katie Bunnell (United Kingdom).

The "European Ceramic Context 2006", workshop concerning ceramics and digital technology
took place at the Glass & Ceramics School in Nexø on the Danish island of Bornholm,
August 28 - September 1, 2006.

The Glass & Ceramic School, Nexø is truely a brilliant place for learning.
I was one of the tutors, albeit one who only gave a presentation (on my digital ceramics and my CAD/CAM work).

The workshops were great and I learned a few things.
Also was flabbergasted by some presentations of younger designers who use the potential of computer-animation and CAD/CAM in really innovating ways.
It was a lot of fun and I had a few days to explore the stunningly beautiful island...