End of 2007 I was asked to come and teach in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada by the School of Art at ANU, Canberra, Australia.

Never been to Canada before... So, why not?
First a talk in Calgary at ACAD, 2 days of getting over jetlag and then: teaching.

This most certainly was the warmest group of people I ever delt with
Caring for each other, lots of great parties and eager to pick my brains.
It was great. Extremely rewarding!

The nearly 2 days after my workshop, Greg McRitchie took me to Buffalo-jump, a great bone collection and into the Rockies...

Hereunder a few pics as an impression...

Minus 25 degrees C., river frozen, I had never experienced anything like that. Amazing!

Not even a month later I would be in Australia, teaching the same course at plus 35 degrees.