November 2008, I was invited to help with a post-tsunami project.
The project is an initiative of "Orange Angel", a Dutch foundation.
The main man of this all is Jos Nijenhuis, former director and founder of FOX, a Dutch travel organization.
He was intensely involved in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami. Huge parts of the coastline were totally destroyed by the killer waves. The travel company wanted to 'do something' for the survivors.
This resulted (to make a long story short) in the rebuilding of a village and now, in 2008, the opening of a school for ceramics where villagers can work and learn.

I am happy and proud to have been involved in this. It is a super initiative and most of all, it is supported by local people such as the "Visit Lanka"- organization.
The humble part I so far played was instructing students from Moratuwa University, Colombo (who spoke English) and helping them in instructing the villagers how to work with the glazes, kilns and such.
This was a most rewarding experience.




web site of Orange Angel :

The film gives an impression of the school, the village and of my 2 weeks of working with the students.