The International Ceramics Festival is a biennial ceramics event, organised by North and South Wales Potters Associations and the Aberystwyth Arts Centre.
This event (2003 its 12th year) is held in the town of Aberystwyth, Mid-Wales, UK, on the campus of the University of Wales.

The festival takes place over three days and attracts about 800 weekend participants who are all potters, artists, teachers, gallery owners etc. and is Britain's largest potters' event of this kind. As well as demonstrations by invited guests, there are slide shows, international exhibitions, lectures, kiln building etc.

I was one of 12 invited demonstrators. This festival is a lot of fun and it sure was wonderful to have been part of it.


I gave demonstrations of my work with porcelain and also gave a presentation of my ‘virtual work’ and some of my design projects.

Steve Mattison was the festival co-ordinator. We arrived on the site on Thursday 3rd July 2003. There was a welcoming session with a meal arranged on that Thursday evening for all guest artists and organisers to become acquainted. Great atmosphere!

We started with a short 10 minute introduction of ourselves so participants could choose. The idea was to have a tiny slideshow as an appetizer.

I made a tiny movie:"Introducing jeroen bechtold"

On the way to Aberystwyth we drove through the UK from Newcastle to Wales and enjoyed the country in the mean time.

Here some pictures from the festival and of our travel.